Character and Qualifications


Nicholas Ng 2012

Robert, in case I don’t see you in person any time soon, I also wanted to give big thanks for an amazing job managing the property. This was a short run, but still managed professionally and effectively as expected. And we’re also extremely happy with the job you guys are doing with my wife’s rental in Santa Clara. I’m not sure if there are any other loose ends we need to tie up with Castlemaine regarding the management contract, but just let me know. And there will be more opportunities to work together down the line, so you’ll be hearing from me again. 

Ursula O’Farrell 2012

Helen, just wanted to drop you a line and say “hello.”  We love the (…) home and are getting info from architects to see what the possibilities are to build the new studio, such a spiritual, light-filled and sacred place. Thank you again for helping Mike and I secure this site and home. I hope one day you’ll let me know if there is a painting that may “call out to you.”  I am working on a new series for a show in Sacto for a June opening…am coming into a calmer…quieter place…and so the work is shifting.  All good. Bless you for how you help others like me who are trying to figure out the puzzle of “the possibilities of space.”  Your sharings abide in my thoughts often and helps when I get bogged down. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help you in return.
Many blessings,

Jane Parks-McKay 2012

“… Helen, I know you are. I checked you out with Aaron when you first offered last year and he said, and I quote, “yep, she is a very kind person who has deep compassion for others and she is very very particular about who she takes on. He also said he didn’t know what criteria you use when you do but how amazing and wonderful it is that you do that”, or something close to that …”

Lou Pambianco 2011

Helen, I am reflecting on the course we set with our offer on 14th Avenue in 2009 and the many tactical moves that had to be implemented on the way to successful completion of the transaction. Starting with the sale of 10th Avenue to the exchange of that property into 14th Avenue to the marketing strategy for the sale of our Saratoga home, the rapid sale of that property, to the successful transaction on the water abatement at 14th Avenue, each step was completed by you and the Pertria team with the highest degree of professionalism and expert facilitation. Your attention to details and grace and elegance in execution is unparalleled. I have thought about the difficulty in expanding Pertria while continuing the excellence that is your hallmark. It is the founders imprint and direct touch that makes that possible. I wish you all the success and all of the best in life. And I thank you for assisting us in making our dream of living with the sound of the ocean a reality.

Kren Rasmussen, Bloomsters 2011 

Helen, you have always amazed me and continue to do so. Everything you do is always done with such class and professionalism. It has always been my honor to have assisted you on your projects. I sincerely hope that as our economy continues to strengthen, we will have a greater opportunity to work together. I wish you the best in 2012, and please never hesitate to lean on me if there is anything I can assist you with.

Jim Ducey 2010

We met a little over two years ago when we contracted Pertria to manage our rental property in Sunnyvale.  You introduced us to Edward Disho to be our property manager and contact with Pertria. Because I have dealt with such difficult and uncaring people in so many areas of business and personal service, I cannot let Edward’s conscientious, attentive, courteous, and effective management of our property go unnoticed.  From little things, like when we needed to replace the microwave range in the unit, to complicated things, like advice about rental prices when we were at the end of the first lease agreement, Edward has always been so professional and easy to work with that I always feel confident about the decisions that we have to make about the property.  He is never pushy or brusque.  If we ask a question, he answers.  If he doesn’t know the answer, he finds out and calls us back.  If we want to do something a certain way, he does it. He says “I am just doing what I would expect someone to do if I had my investment managed.”  Isn’t that all that we want from people who help us?  And isn’t it rare that we get it anymore? Because of Edward, I would not leave Pertria for another company and I have praised and recommended Pertria to anyone who asks about our property management company. I just wanted to pass on our compliments and thanks for Edward’s attentive service.  Thank you.