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What Our Clients Are Saying

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— Mike Continillo

I am the third generation of my family with responsibility for our investments in 14 units, 10 units, duplexes, and single-family homes. We have had a successful history with Pertria for 19 years. Qadria Bokhari has managed our investments for the past four years and she is a rare individual. Her work ethic, commitment to our family, and industry knowledge is superior. She produces our annual budgets and property upgrade and remodeling schedules—in addition to daily property maintenance and oversight one would expect. She is an expert in the rental/real estate market and in dealing with residents, contractors, county offices, and city government agencies. Over the years, she has correctly anticipated market fluctuations and maintained a 100% occupancy rate. She is responsive at all hours and an absolute pleasure to work with. I trust her judgment implicitly and cannot say enough about the quality and caliber of management. We are fortunate to have her as part of our strategic team. I would highly recommend her.

— Randle Suttkus

Thank you for going above and beyond to complete the leak repair. Your proactive approach, prompt responses and energetic personality—you're AWESOME!

— Victoria Danganan

Another rental remodel completed! Whew! A BIG thank you to my partner in crime, real estate extraordinaire Stephanie Larsen for working tirelessly with me on this project—from the crazy furnace fire that delayed the project to my over-the-top obsession with finding the right countertop and cutting down that wall. The number of stores we went to would send someone to the looney bin, but we finished and I think it looks great!

— Dawn Murray

I had a serendipitous moment years ago when I was introduced to Helen Pastorino. Little did I realize she would change my life on so many fronts. There was a time during a cold winter when I reached out to her to let her know I had made a decision to sell my farm and relocate. She disagreed with that decision, the farm was not sold, and here I am years later, with a beautiful farm, which has substantially increased in value. I am so appreciative of her strong stand at a time of indecision. She will always be my real estate mentor.

— Cynthia Sandberg
Love Apple Farms

Pertria has been our management company for nearly 10 years. My husband and I are so appreciative that we have Qadria Bokhari as our personal property manager. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, efficient, and she always maintains our best interests in recommendations for our investment properties. It is a great pleasure to work with her.

— Laura Reback

Thank you EJ and Helen for negotiating the purchase of our new home through multiple counter offers and for making escrow and closing such a painless experience for us. It far exceeded our expectations, and we're excited to see the planned improvements already underway. It was a pleasure working with you—you two are truly the best. We will happily recommend you!

— Greg & Jessica Wallace

Stephanie helped us find a renter for our granny unit. She is professional and made the whole process easy. She was quick to get back to us on any questions we had and was on top of finding highly qualified potential renters, showings, applications, background checks, etc. We felt like her number-one priority. She knows her comps and got us more than what we expected for our unit. Stephanie even made recommendations on what we needed to supply and what we did not, as our unit came fully furnished. Additionally, Stephanie advised on paint colors, furniture, etc. to make our unit more attractive to potential renters. We greatly value her professionalism, work ethic, and experience. We plan to continue to use Stephanie in the future and highly recommend her to help you find, rent, or sell your home as we have no doubt that you too will be her number-one priority.

— The Tone Family

Thank you, thank you so much Stephanie for all of everything. Your hard work and dedication to this project were HUGE! I cannot thank you enough. At the same time, I feel a little bit sad because we won’t be working closely, and I will miss that.You are a tremendous asset to Pertria. I am sure you will be successful in any endeavors you’ll venture into.Again, my sincerest appreciation and gratitude for all your work. I wish you all the best!

— Victoria Hernandez

We were referred to Helen Pastorino by a colleague at Google. We were purchasing our first home in Los Gatos. In addition to my Google responsibilities, I travel extensively and have board of director responsibilities. My availability was limited, and it was not uncommon to arriveafter a long flight to view homes. We found a home that we liked and intended to make an offer—against Helen’s strong recommendation to keep looking. After much consideration, we located a modern home, ideal for us, with spectacular views of the valley, floor-to-ceiling windows,and close to town on acreage. Sold! This custom home had a shower that needed replacing, so Helen negotiated holding twice the bid for the shower. It turned out that not only the shower needed repaired, the entire bathroom floor had to be replaced at an additional $27,000, which was not part of the money held from the sellers to correct the shower. Given that the home was in the multi-millions, my wife and I agreed among ourselves that we would pay this. Helen disagreed and found a loophole that caused the seller's insurance company to cover the additional cost. We now have a fully remodeled bathroom suite of our choosing covered by the seller's insurance. It took, time, persistence, steadfastness, insurance knowledge, and creativity—but $37,000 was ours to remodel the bath.

— Nicolaus Darveau Garneu & Tara Garnea