Helen Pastorino Announces Office Re-Configuration for Pertria In Order to Make Room for New Members of Her Firm

In the midst of a marketplace that is contracting, Pertria continues to expand.  They have engaged 13 new members including: a CPA and a junior accountant, a private mortgage banker and junior officer, an independent insurance broker and three supporting agents, a trust and elder law attorney, and interns and associates for support.

Robert Burba, Director of Pertria’s Property Portfolio Management division, shared: “We are very excited about finally having all of our fellow advisors in the same location. We are confident that the physical proximity will allow for spontaneous, creative problem solving in ways not previously possible. This is a logical progression for us and allows us to refine our offer in the marketplace. We are constantly scanning the horizon for key indicators of what is to come in order to strengthen our interpretation of the current economic climate.”

With the grand design complete all that remains is moving walls, windows, paintings, installing new carpet and re-hanging the artwork.  Although this may sound daunting to some, improving processes by reorganize physical space is much welcome and highly anticipated by each of the disciplines and individual professionals at Pertria

 Helen Pastorino, founder and President of Pertria, is very pleased with the future of her company: “In good times the marketplace will screen or hide shortcomings and imperfections.  On the contrary, in today’s challenged economy people require strategic leadership and impeccable execution which, subsequently, increases the demand for knowledgeable, well-grounded and highly-skilled people.