Moving on…but not too far

In a memo dated Thursday September 1, 2011, Gabriele Chesser announced to Pertria the culmination of his transition from the role of a support staff employee to a licensed investment broker, now in association with Pertria. His light-hearted approach was well-received and can be read below:

“Good evening,

After eighteen wonderful months at Pertria I am writing to inform you that my employment here has officially terminated, effective today. I will not, however, be parting with the outstanding group of professionals whom I have grown so much with over the past year and a half.

Due in no small part to the expert guidance, mentorship and support of Andrew Arild, I am proud to announce that my association with Pertria as a licensed real estate investment broker commences today.

Taking over the role of Short Sale Administrator is Cassandra Bowers, who has already supported the function for many months leading up to this day and has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the success of this firm.

Please know that I remain available to assist with any business (short sale or not) and only wish to reciprocate the immeasurable benefit of the knowledge I have received thus far.

To my fellow employees, associates, and business partners of Pertria: thank you all for your support and I look forward to working with each of you in the near future.”