Pertria Announces Relationship with the Santa Clara County Dispute Resolution Program

In April of 2010,Brian Bernasconiof Pertria began his education as a mediator with the Santa Clara Dispute Resolution Program and has since mediated numerous cases for the county and continues to seek education opportunities within the discipline.

The Santa Clara Dispute Resolution Program (DRPS) empowers people by encouraging communication and education in conflict resolution principles, providing assistance to the public in the resolution of disputes in the areas of community, juvenile justice and small claims.

Bernasconi has spent the last several years facilitating complex real estate transactions with an emphasis on people who are buying and/or selling as the result of “family restructuring”. In these cases navigating strained family issues and complex financial and legal matters is a critical component of the negotiation.

When asked about his relationship with this program and the effect it has had on his work at Pertria, Bernasconi said: “In becoming a qualified mediator, one learns the mechanics and values of active listening – focusing on the issues and underlying concerns of each person using reflection, re-framing, validation and summary to facilitate effective communication. Mediating for the County DRPS program has further enhanced my skill as a negotiator, specifically in ‘high conflict’ situations such as the disposition of real property resulting from separation and/or divorce.”

Ultimately Mr. Bernasconi’s decision to become a mediator was inspired by a (then private practice) family law attorney for whom he went on to act as treasurer to a successful campaign to become one of Santa Clara County’s Superior Court Judges.

Pertria’s relationship with the DRPS program is a perfect example of their response to the market’s need for interdisciplinary real estate and business professionals who can effectively manage increasingly complex demands in today’s economic climate.