Pertria Announces The Addition Of LGS Insurance Services To Real Estate Investment Firm

Real estate investment firm Pertria in Los Gatos, California has once again expanded the service they provide adding LGS Insurance Services to their professional real estate and financial services.

LGS, an independent insurance agency, delivers individual, family and business insurance solutions with an emphasis on superior knowledge and customer service. Their team includes Steven Durham, owner and licensed agent since 1990, licensed agents Heather Durham, Christina Stubler and Rikki Hunt.

Unlike “captive agents” who can only offer one brand or line of product, LGS is a licensed insurance broker representing the best national property, casualty, life and health insurance providers.

Regarding adding insurance services to Pertria, Brian Bernasconi, Investment Broker, commented “A biological, social or economic system cannot be determined or explained by its component parts alone. The way in which the system functions as a whole plays an important role in the function and behavior of each of the parts.”

“And so it is at Pertria” adds Bernasconi. “Individual practitioners provide the highest standard of practice while collectively offering access to an integration of like-minded professionals. It is the natural succession that with all investments there is risk and, accordingly, the need for risk management. Insurance services therefore become the underpinnings of any sound, well-grounded investment strategy.”

One of the most important aspects of purchasing real estate or planning is the strategic implementation of appropriate insurance to protect investments.

“Pertria takes a high-level view on behalf of its investor and homeowner clients. Insurance is a significant but often overlooked component of each investment strategy” said Steven Durham, Owner of LGS.

Combining LGS’s insurance expertise with the impeccable customer service to which Pertria’s clients are accustomed is yet another example of Pertria’s ever-growing offer and advantage in the marketplace.