Why Real Estate Transactions Require Skillful Orchestration

Throughout history, the job of the music conductor has evolved from marking tempo to shaping the entire interpretation of a work for the ensemble. The conductor serves as a leader for the musicians by guiding the tone, coordination and accuracy of execution. The role of the conductor and that of a real estate professional is an analogy I use to help articulate how real estate transactions should be.

Over time, the structure of music has evolved and become more complex, incorporating rhythmic changes, irregularities and other variances of expression. Like music, the real world is ever changing and has become increasingly complex – with rhythmic changes, irregularities and variances – and this trend will surely continue. For leaders to effectively advise and guide, it is crucial that they be informed of current market conditions, legal and legislative changes, and micro and macro economic trends – each of which is in constant flux.

Correspondingly, there is great value in strategically positioning and effectively executing a real estate transaction. If limited advisory services are offered, clients will often be at be at a disadvantage. All too often the traditional approach will not allow us to capitalize on prime opportunities and can often result in unforeseen risk or unintended loss.

The process of buying and selling real estate today requires leadership – a “conductor” who can artfully guide and navigate during challenging times. In today’s marketplace a successful real estate transaction requires not only an increased level of care but also the willingness to “retune” as needed.

In an orchestra, if even one of the musicians is off balance or out of key it greatly impacts and changes the entire performance. Consequently the conductor’s musicians must be in tune or else it will change the sequence of the relationship and the “transaction.” Each client, like each musician, has distinctive and personalized goals that require a vital need to be extremely detailed in everything we do and everyone with whom we work. At Pertria we hand select our partnered experts to meet arising challenges – to facilitate effective and well-grounded solutions.

As the old proverb goes, “for lack of guidance a nation falls, but victory is won through many advisors.”