Helen Pastorino Announces Office Move For Real Estate Firm Pertria Is Complete

Helen Pastorino, CEO and Founder of real estate investment firm Pertria in Los Gatos, California, announces that the expansion and office re-location of her firm has been completed. Pertria has recently relocated to a space that is more than double the size of their previous location, which was also in Los Gatos.  Pastorino acquired an office space that was vacated by the online social gaming company Zynga, expanding from Pertria’s previous 3,000 square foot space to nearly 6,500 square feet at their new location.

The new Pertria offices are located at 720 University Avenue, Suite 100, Los Gatos 95032. This larger space will enable Pastorino and her investment firm to expand their professional services comprised of real estate investment, mortgage, wealth management, insurance, tax and legal services.

“Our new space allows us to ensure a more dynamic space of possibilities.  This next generation environment, with a line of site connection, encourages more collaboration and greater interaction between our professional disciplines providing more robust, well-grounded solutions for our clients. 

Earlier this year, Pastorino announced the appointment of local real estate executive Harry Murray as President of Pertria. This allowed Pastorino to focus on business development, strategic affiliations, and Pertria’s vision for the future while Murray took over managing the company’s  internal operations.

In 2004, Helen Pastorino founded Pertria, representing residential and commercial real estate sales, investment analysis and property management strategically aligned with like-minded financial professionals including certified financial planners, tax advisors, insurance specialists and specialized legal counsel. For more information on Pertria and Helen Pastorino, please visit www.pertria.com or call 408-357-7777.