Pertria’s Story

Pertria’s founder and CEO, Helen Pastorino, has been reshaping the world of real estate since 1975. In that time, millions of people throughout Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area have felt the impact of her efforts.

In this era of change and uncertainty, our resolve to lead quality lives, realize ambitions, and build legacies calls for strategic thinking. It is a response to the market’s demand for discerning solutions to timeless human concerns- simple at their core, yet increasingly complex in their execution. Pertria’s guidance satisfies essential obligations, capitalizes on emerging opportunities, and mitigates unseen risks.

In our fast paced world of streaming information and endless data, interpretation becomes the key. Pertria is a collaboration of select professionals working in concert to interpret knowledge and present exquisite care while delivering integrated financial solutions specifically tailored toward fundamental financial practices, fiscal responsibility, and long term planning.

A real estate investment firm.