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Helen the founder

On the way from her office to a critical client meeting, Helen stops briefly in the lobby to remove a spec of dust from a painting… it is a telling moment. It reveals Helen’s rare ability to focus intently on multi-million dollar decisions without overlooking seemingly inconsequential details. This curious occurrence is a fitting metaphor for Pertria itself. Once again Helen is reinventing the way we approach real estate by moving us beyond our dusty practices of the past.

Helen the naturalist

In the moments when her work draws to a close, you can find Helen on the grounds of her tranquil Los Gatos estate. Here, amid acres of placid open space, nestled against a picturesque mountain, Helen shares time with her magnificent Andalusian horses, captivated by their disarming intelligence, athletic grace, and renown for courage during ancient wars. Helen seeks inspiration in this exclusive setting, surrounded by nature’s brilliance. And when she returns to work, she does so with her energy and spirit revitalized.

What Pertria means to Helen

Pertria is an evolutionary progression of Helen’s quest for excellence and remarkable professional achievement. A consummate innovator who moves with passionate concern, Helen has an uncommon ability to surround herself with extraordinary people. Her regard for the fundamental principals of natural law reveals itself in her insight and is clearly reflected within the ranks of these interdisciplinary professionals. Helen is the architectural anchor of Pertria’s discerning vision – the keystone for presenting familiar wealth building disciplines in an unfamiliar light.


Helen E. Pastorino

Helen Pastorino is the founder and CEO of Pertria, a real estate investment firm in Los Gatos, California. Ms. Pastorino began practicing real estate in the region more than 34 years ago, when apricot and cherry orchards far outnumbered corporate campuses. Dovetailing with the region’s world-changing industrial growth, she has played a pivotal role in the maturation and vast expansion of Silicon Valley real estate.

As Regional Vice President for Fox & Carskadon, she went on to co-found Alain Pinel Realtors, where as President she grew sales volume into the billions annually. In that role, she was frequently recognized and profiled by news media and authors writing on innovation for her early adoption and advocacy of information technology to advance productivity and client results.

With Pertria, Ms. Pastorino actuates a guiding philosophy of her life and career: that by making deliberate choices, people have the power to enjoy longevity and secure their legacies.


  • Founder and CEO of Pertria, a real estate investment firm
  • Founder and past President of Alain Pinel Realtors with billions in annual sales
  • Regional Vice President for Fox & Carskadon managing 1 billion in sales
  • Vice President of Fox & Carskadon’s Top Office—Saratoga
  • Licensed in Real Estate for over 30 years


  • The Aji Network - Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Linguistics, Strategy and Business Design
  • San Jose State University
  • University of Nevada, Reno
  • Monte Vista High School, Cupertino


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  • Robert Vavra’s Classic Book of Horses, Robert Vavra with introduction James Michener.