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Harry the statesman

Harry wants people to know that he is just a guy who enjoys what he does.  The truth is that he has contributed to the success of the most powerful real estate firms in Silicon Valley. He is one of the most well respected real estate executives in the industry. He loves strategizing and creative thinking but most of all, he loves people.  As the president of Pertria Harry also enjoys being a part of something that is meaningful and valuable.  Harry started in real estate two years prior to putting men on the moon.  Now that is a lot of acquired wisdom!  The secret of Harry’s success?  Surround yourself with extraordinary people, never compromise your integrity, and always take time to enjoy a really good cigar.

Harry the sea wolf
Harry marvels at his boats while standing on the deck of his home looking out over the harbor. “Over the years” Harry says, “My life has been rich with family, friends, sailing, dogs, good food, laughter and fine wine.”  Now that his daughter is grown Harry has returned to doing some of the things he enjoys such as riding motorcycles and supporting children’s charities.  Harry has sailed the California coast, flown helicopters and traveled throughout the world.  In the end though, Harry says “it is not what you achieve in this world, but who you are.

What Pertria means to Harry, and vice versa
Harry has the luxury of being welcome in many places in the industry throughout the San Francisco Bay Area but he feels most at home at Pertria.  He harmonizes with Helen and the vision she has set forth. “Helen is brilliant and gifted. I am grounded and pragmatic. It is a great match.” he says. The Pertria team also thinks it is a good match. They value Harry’s wealth of knowledge and appreciate his guidance. Harry is enriched by their character and standard of excellence. “Together” he says, “our potential for success grows exponentially.”

Harry Murray

Harry Murray has worked in real estate for more than forty years.  He has made unprecedented contributions to the growth of top real estate service providers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and has become one of the industry’s most widely recognized and well respected executives.

Harry began his career in real estate at a young age working as a Title Officer for Santa Cruz Land and Title.  At that time each preliminary title report had to be individually researched at the County and hand-typed – for every property – every time.  Harry quickly learned the practices of the Title and Escrow business and went on to become the youngest Escrow Officer in the State of California, then Chief Title Officer and Assistant Manager for the County of Santa Clara at Western Title Insurance Company.  When the position of County Manager came available and Harry’s request to move up was denied because he was too young . . . he resigned.

Now only 27 years old, Harry joined as a partner and managed one of the South Bay’s most revered and prestigious real estate brokerages, Emmette Gatewood Realtors with offices in Los Gatos and Saratoga.  Eight years later it was acquired by the equally prestigious but much larger, Fox and Carsakadon.  After nearly 10 years serving at Fox and Carskadon as their Vice President, and named the unofficial “Mayor of Los Gatos”, Harry left to join Helen Pastorino at Alain Pinel Realtors – an unknown company with only 17 agents at that time.

As Alain Pinel Realtors’ Broker of Record for thirteen years, Harry was instrumental in building the brokerage from the ground up to become the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier real estate brokerage - now with more than twenty offices and over a thousand agents.

Mr. Murray has held senior management positions at Silicon Valley’s most prominent real estate and title companies including Intero Real Estate Services and J. Rockcliff Realtors, where he consistently led his teams to top-ranking success within their respective industries.  As President of Pertria, Mr. Murray draws from his industry leadership experience to oversee the firm’s day-to-day operations and expansion. 

He served six months of active military service in the Naval Air Reserves, attended air school and crewed a P-3 Orion for five years.  Mr. Murray is a lifetime credentialed teacher of real estate and escrow courses in California.


  • President at Pertria, a real estate investment firm
  • Vice President at J. Rockliff Realtors
  • Vice President and Managing Officer at Intero Real Estate Services
  • Directing Officer at Alain Pinel Realtors
  • Vice President at Fox and Carskadon Real Estate
  • Principal and manager at Emmette Gatewood Realtors
  • Vice president and manager at Western Title Insurance Company

Charitable Involvement

  • Board of Directors – Eastfield Ming Quong Foundation


Mr. Murray enjoys spending time with his daughter and two grandchildren.  He has flown helicopters and skied the Italian Alps. He has owned several boats including the 27’ Featherhead harbored in Santa Cruz and the 38’ Obsession harbored in San Francisco, 44’ Masson Cutter Ridge Snoop and currently owns a 35’ Fountain Off Shore racing boat and loves to ride his Harley Davidson motorcycles.